Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Table of Contents

Here I will post links to all the rounds. Collage will be played at the end of the round and I will add them back into the hood at the start of the next round.

Round 1
Round 1: Graham
Round 1: Herrick
Round 1: Gibbs
Round 1: Wilson
Round 1: Miller

Round 2
Round 2: Graham
Round 2: Herrick
Round 2: Gibbs
Round 2: Wilson
Round 2: Miller

College: Generation 1 part 1

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Computer, Same Prosperity Hood

I got a new computer at last and it's a Mac Book Pro. It is having some issues, seeing as I got it used for a lot less then it's worth new, so at the moment I'm posting this on another computer. I have transferred all my Sims 2 files from the old eMac to the new laptop so I should be continuing with the challenge were I left off once I've gotten the issue fixed. However all my documents I had that kept track of score seem to not want to be read, so I may just scrap this Neighborhood and the other one I put on hold and start over. If I DO scrap it I will leave this blog up since I like looking at my past work.

As a side note I am in the middle of uni gen 1 part 1 and had some issues with the blog last time I added anything, so some things will be missing from the blog once I get around to posting it. I just didn't have the energy to rewrite everything that was lost at the time as well as having forgotten what was happening.

Edit 06/11/2012: I managed to get Appleworks so I can read the documents that Pages did not want to read. I may still start over with a new Hood just because. Also I have bought Sims 3, but that dose not mean I will be leaving Sims 2 for good. I love Sims 2 and will never leave it. I just want to play Sims 3 as well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Round 2: Miller

Last time after the deaths of Amanda's daughter Kathleen and son-in-law Timothy her three grandchildren Helen, John and Dennis where left to live with her, her husband Charles and twin brother Gregory. Dennis grew from a toddler into a child and John Grew from a child into a teen with Popularity aspiration and the LTW to become the Media Magnet.  Gregory fell in love with Sadie Gibbs and proposed and she accepted. Gregory has since left to marry Sadie Gibbs.

 Amanda and Charles do some fishing while the grandchildren are at school.

 John brought this girl home from school.

 He made friends with her after play some games, including having a water balloon fight.

 Dennis: Yes! I got an A+!

 Dennis: I have to tell grandpa!

 Looks like Dennis brought a friend home as well.

 Dennis: Grandpa! I got an A+!
Grandpa is sleeping Dennis. But now he will be getting up.

Charles: Dennis got an A+! That's so Grate!
Dennis has a water balloon fight with the boy who came home with him and makes friends with him.

 Amanda: I found a job in Education at last!

 Amanda and Dennis both wanted to sell some Lemonade.

 John: Bea came home with me today.
Oh grate, this is my first blog hog it seems, shes shown up on every lot with a teen.

 John: I found a job in Journalism, but it's too late for the carpool to come for me today.
(He called in sick, just to make sure he wouldn't get 'docked' for missing work when the carpool for his sister and grandmother was already there and his comes at the same time.)

 John tries to make friends with Bea, but she left before he could.

 Congratulations Amanda!

 Congratulations to you as well Helen, but your grade dropped from A+ to A so no overachiever for you. Oh you brought home Heather, she's also turning into a blog hog.

 It's time for Dennis to grow into a teenager, he is plat at the moment from his A+.

 Dennis: Cool! I am Handsome!
Congratulations on growing up well Dennis, now what do you want in life?

 Dennis: I want to be popular like John!
Alright, what is your lifetime goal?

 Dennis: I want to be Mayor someday.
Wonderful! Once you graduate college you can work on that. For now you can look for the teen Politics career.

 The three teens needed some more fun before they would do their homework, but they all got it done before bed.

Well I suppose it could have been Gregory and his wife Sadie who gave the $100. Oddly enough, his grade, like Helen, also dropped to an A, only Dennis still has an A+.

 John: We had money for an easel or two. I needed the skill for work and Helen was desperate for something fun to do.
Congratulations on getting the extra money Helen! 
She also got her A+ back and is now an Overachiever.

 After school the kids and grandparents dance to get there fun up.

 Once Amanda, Helen and John leave for work Dennis dances with his grandpa.

 Oh, lets see. Sim City loves Llamas, so that seems like the better choice.

 Alright! That's two extra Charisma points for Helen!

 Charles: It's just Dennis and me for dinner today.
It's Friday. Amanda, Helen and John are working.

Dennis: I know it will be winter soon, do you think it will snow?
Charles: Most likely it will.

 Congratulations on the Promotion John. Oh and you brought home Ella Graham, how nice.

(Ella didn't get out of the car, so there must have been an error. She appeared in the house in this very spot. I always keep the door locked so visiting sims who come home from work and school always just stand there like idiots and that is what she did until John talked to her.)

 Congratulations on the Promotion Amanda, you got to the top of your elder career.

 John: Thanks for visiting Ella.
John and Ella are now friends.

 Well lets see, the right thing to do is to report the teacher.

Good job! Now the only question is why is there school on a Saturday that needs a sub? I know the hours are odd so a teen can have the job after school, but a Saturday?

 Congratulations on the Promotion and being an Overachiever John!

 Sunday, only John at work at not much going on. He needs to decided if he should be honest in his review about a bad movie. Well, it's best to be Honest about a bad movie, I know I would want to know before hand if a movie was VERY bad and not worth the money to see!

 Good, being honest got him a Creativity point. I don't like chance cards all that much, but I'm happy that they had a good week. Every chance card they got this week was a good outcome.

 Ella came home with John again and Anamaria Herrick seems to be walking her dog Sophie even though she is PREGNANT and should be at home resting.

John: This is my second painting, I sold the first one for $5. Helen and Dennis each painted one and sold it for the same.

 He sold it for something like $48. But he DID earn an extra creativity a work, so now he has six.

Helen called to see what Scholarships she got very early Monday morning. Not that many, just the ones she would get for her A+, top of teen career, being an Orphan and dancing a lot.

 Helen knows she will be leaving for college soon so spends some time with her grandparents.

 She needs to fulfill some wants, one of them is sell Lemonade. John is happy to help.

 Helen: I'll just do the dishes before I leave.

 This is the last shot of Helen as a Teen, next time she is in this house she will be an adult.

 Helen has been sent to college  and now it's time to go see the college students, This time through I will be playing all four years, leaving a placeholder in the Greek house they will be starting. I wish I had sent the teens who started as teens at the end of the last round and the child starters would go this round, but that's not how I did it. I'll figure it out some how.